Multiplication trick to multiply 2 digit and 3 digit numbers

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13 Apr,2021


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Multiplication trick to multiply 2 digit and 3 digit numbers

In this trick, we know about how you can multiply 2 digits and 3 digits multiplication in just a few seconds. This trick will be helpful for you in every exam. Remember this trick is just for calculating numbers in the fast way you can not use to solve in your childhood exam paper but you can use this trick in any competitive exam.

Multiplication trick for 2 and 3 digits number multiplication

How you can boost up your speed in calculation this is the first step wherein questions you have facing difficulties with your old traditional methods of multiplication of two or three digits numbers. Let us assume if you know the multiplication table then you can easily multiply numbers up to you know but what for bigger numbers, for them you have to know trick how to multiply them fast in exams. Life is a race where if you don't faster than others then it pulls you out of the race. So if you want to be in race then you have to learn these tricks to make magic with your mind only.l

Steps to multiply 24 with 43 -

  1. In step first you have to multiply unit digits 4 and 3 like this 4*3=12
  2. In this step, you will place 2 in answer from right to left side and take 1 as carry.
  3. Now multiply numbers diagonally like 2*3 and 4*4 = 6+16 and add 1 carry is equal to 23.
  4. Now place same as step 2 and take 2 as carry now the answer like 32 and 2 carry.
  5. In this step multiply left side numbers 2*4 and sum them with carry and result in (8+2)=10
  6. Now join the final number 10  with the answer and you get the answer which is 1023.

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