How consistency can help to attain the faster calculation

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11 Apr,2021


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How consistency can help to attain the faster calculation

All of us know the calculation of numbers is the important part to ace every exam and that you need to be consistent to grab the accuracy and speed. In this article, we know how you can consistently improve your skill in calculating numbers.

Consistency is the key to improve your skill and it can help you to achieve your goals

You can play with the numbers in mind after you read this article. You can attain the faster calculation by practicing the math questions day by day you only need to develop yourself to attain the faster way to calculate the question in time. Let us imagine there are 2 numbers which you have to add like 466 and 345. Now make a step-by-step procedure to calculate the result faster as possible.

Steps to add two numbers 

1. First thinks their hundred's digit place in mind and add them like 400 + 300 = 700

2. Now add their 10's digits 60 +40 =100

3. Now the one's digit 6+5=11

4. Now sum them up 700 +100 +11 = 811

5. Remember you need to calculate these things in your mind so you will attain maximum speed in calculating numbers.

The worst thing is that we learn from our childhood to add numbers backward and that's the reason we face many difficulties to calculate numbers in mind. After using the technique you can easily add the numbers in seconds without any pen and paper. If you consistently use this method you can attain a higher speed in calculation hard problems of mathematics like 4 digit numbers addition etc.

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